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We at Next Level believe – “Once a Client is always a Client”. In order to serve our clients better, Next Level is providing quality services unfailingly in the field of Engineering and Next Level.

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Horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a technique that comes from the oil field, but it is applied to the crossing of rivers, railways, and other obstacles. The drilling assembly has a bent sub for steering purposes, and is equipped with an electronic probe to continuously report the position of the pilot hole to the driller. Interpreting this information allows the pilot hole the follow the designed path.

The hole is lubricated and the cuttings removed by using drilling mud (generally bentonite-based mud). The process is repeated until the drill bit exits on the other side of the obstacle.

Then the pilot string is removed and the hole enlarged by reaming according to the diameter of the pipeline or conduit to be installed. This is done with a reamer or hole opener, which is pulled and rotated into the pilot bore. The bentonite carries the cutting out of the hole, and leaves a lining (the filter cake) on the wall of the bored pathway. Arriving at the final size requires one or more passes.

The pipeline or conduit, which has been assembled in one continuous string, if possible, is placed on launching rollers or in a flotation ditch. It is then connected to the drill pipe by a swivel joint, preceded by a reamer and is pulled into the reamed hole.

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Project Management services

Next Level uses well established methodologies and leading concepts and practices, which may be applied to various types of challenging projects. We can take on the project management of a project assist the current Project with the management of their projects, providing required guidance and advices.

To achieve consistently effective results, Next Level uses experienced project management specialists, underpinned by well-established methodologies that have been distilled from 2014 of experience gained across the globe. Adopting our approach makes the defining, planning, and controlling of projects a repeatable, consistent, and successful process.

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Design & Services

We offer comprehensive multi-disciplinary engineering services to Clients. Next Level offers specialized and industry respected FEED & Detailed Engineering for the HDD Projects. Our engineers have expertise in related activities such as review of design criteria, review of contractor design documents and drawings, and project coordination.

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Technical Crew

Next Level’s in-house crew and experienced freelancers have worked extensively on HDD projects, we bring the needed experience and extensive knowledge to the Project.

Different business has different needs from manpower perspective for its growth. With contenting the staffing solutions, Next Level further extends end to end service support till the requirement of client is fulfilled. Customer satisfaction is the prime motto at Next Level which in turn has created long term relations with the clientele.

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Equipment, Tools & Supply

Next Level providing equipment,  custom made tools and solutions to the horizontal directional drilling industry across the world. We constantly strive for the positive customer experience which includes delivering what is needed to get the job done right, safely, on-time and on-budget.

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